It’s about more than feeling grateful to be alive.

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This article isn’t just about how precious life is—you know that already.

Going through the experience I’m about to tell you that happened because of my own lousy judgment helped me discover how to look at life and might help you too.

Here’s what started me down this road.


Her “Blaccent” needs to go, but should I cancel her?

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When I watched Awkwafina, aka Nora Lum, in the film Crazy Rich Asians, I laughed and thought the outlandish character she played using a New York-style “Blaccent” was a lot of fun as long as it was for that character alone.

Surely, she wouldn’t continue playing roles as an Asian…

And how to put them into practice.

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Discovering what you need to improve your life and then taking steps to actually do it are two different things entirely.

No one would argue values like practicing self-love, having confidence, and pride in yourself are essential for a fulfilling life.

So, why can’t most of us figure out how…

Hint: It’s not about becoming a supervillain.

Image courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Experiencing ups and downs in your career and relationships can bring you to the point where you wonder if you should even keep trying.

Life's decisions and challenges can be like an action movie of the mind. You're dodging bullet-like events, staying strong through heartbreak and loss, while walking with…

And motivate you to do better.

Illustrated by the author.

Being a success is overrated.

Why worry about making yourself better when the world is slowly spiraling down the toilet bowl?

Let's get real here, people.

Thinking positively does little to help your attitude anyway, and you just end up feeling like a fake. Facing reality and putting yourself down…

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