Science says yes, but it’s all in how you look at it.

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We’re getting less creative. The scientific studies say so.

According to the article, “Research Suggests We’re All Getting Less Creative and Scientists Think They Know Why” by Jessica Stillman in Inc. magazine, studies have shown creativity is on the decline.

People could care less about creativity.

From the article:


It's more than making money

Illustrated by the author.

Writers keep saying Medium is dying. It's not like it used to be and will never return. If you can't make good money here, why stick around?

I've been on Medium off and on for five years now, and I wish I were more active here a few years ago…

Her “Blaccent” needs to go, but should I cancel her?

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When I watched Awkwafina, aka Nora Lum, in the film Crazy Rich Asians, I laughed and thought the outlandish character she played using a New York-style “Blaccent” was a lot of fun as long as it was for that character alone.

Surely, she wouldn’t continue playing roles as an Asian…

Taking risks that make sense to you may look crazy to others.

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Two years ago, I quit my secure art teaching job for a position as a copywriter at a large medical device company. In the middle of the school year, no less—not a wise move in education.

Most teachers wait to leave until June, when they’ve completed a full school year…

And could help you reach your goals.

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Walking into the art studio with my finished clay project in hand, I knew it was the best work I’d done in a long time. With other classes and homework to complete that week, I didn’t put much time into this one. …

Illustrated by the author.

How a cartoonist’s quote helped me understand what…

Upgrading your thinking doesn't have to be hard

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One of the biggest names in the fashion industry didn't start designing wedding dresses until age 40.

Vera Wang found her true calling a bit later in life. She pursued her dreams of being a successful athlete but failed to qualify for the 1968 Olympic figure-skating team.

When her sports…

I’m not afraid anymore to admit what matters

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When you get that (insert dream job), you’ll be happy. Right?

Even though you know this isn’t true, you hope it will be.

Why? Because you want to feel special. Someone chose you for that job and, therefore, success. So, you’re important. …


Isn't that presumptuous, or is it just me?

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Dear Crossing The Line Blogger,

You continually write "I love you" in the sign-off of your articles like you're my lover. When I read it, it makes my insides shudder. Not in a good way, mind you. …

You should be able to splurge on what matters most.

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What’s the point of working hard and making money if you can’t spend it on things that bring you joy?

I’m not talking about buying anything and everything you see, but having the confidence to know what you like the most and purchasing it without guilt.

I remember when my…

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