Simple Hack- Bulk Deleting Unread Emails Reduces my Stress

It’s liberating to check them all off, then watch them disappear

Does waking up to an inbox full of hundreds of emails make you sweat? Scrolling down looking for one that’s of fundamental importance can take so much energy. We do it, though, don’t we — just for the chance to catch something meaningful. Maybe, even an email from a friend or family member, one you actually want to open.

I tried not to check my email first thing in the morning, and it worked fine. The only issue is that later when I open them up, which has to happen at some point, the sheer ridiculous amount in my inbox makes me start hyperventilating.

Seeing all these advertisements and emails from people I follow that I might want to read later but don’t have time for right at that moment was getting annoying. Something had to be done.

Destroy the unread emails and free your mind

Even though I’m no tech-savvy wizard, I got frustrated one day and decided to delete everything. I use Gmail, so I went to the top left corner, to the little square and arrow pointing down to select all. Fully prepared to obliterate everything sitting there staring at me.

Until I saw the drop-down list had an option to select only unread emails.

I selected it and had an epiphany.

If I select all the new unread emails and then look for ones I want to read and uncheck them, I can delete the rest and have less crowding in my inbox.

The rush I get when fifty checked emails vanish after I hit that trash button is pretty darn satisfying. I’m left with only the emails I’m interested in, and my anxiety levels are back in the normal human range.

Obliterate your promotions and put a smile back on your face

I appreciate companies trying to help me by selling their products through email, but we all know it can get out of hand. Since Gmail separates emails into Primary, Social, and Promotions, this gives me a chance to do more checking and deleting to stay sane.

Going over to my Promotions tab is genuinely the most fun. The majority of these ads I don’t want, so a smile starts to form on my face as I select all unread emails and prepare to erase them from view.

Before letting them go, I take a quick look to see if there’s anything I’m interested in reading later, uncheck those, then destroy the unwanted selections.

It’s a glorious release. I show this hack to everyone, especially if they complain about the sheer number of unnecessary messages they need to weed through.

How important are all those emails anyway?

We put way too much importance on our emails. I bet you’re getting a multitude of worthless crap that’s only causing you stress when you look at them piled up in your inbox.

Release and let go.

When you go to your inbox, immediately use the “unread bulk checking system” to highlight all the new emails. Don’t even take time to open any at first.

Once they’re primed for deletion, then you can look at what you want to keep and get into the mindset of letting go. This will help you prioritize your time and energy. You have a chance to decide what’s important enough for you to read right now, and what you can free yourself of to feel lighter.

You may decide to unsubscribe from some subscriptions because you notice yourself deleting emails from them every day. The more you remove, the better you’ll feel.

Time to get ruthless with your inbox and bulk delete, unsubscribe, and obliterate as many emails as you can. Do it and notice how much better you feel.

Make sure to read the ones from grandma, though.

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